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Why Do We Have National Security Vetting?

17 May 2017
National Security Vetting is a completely necessary step to ensure that those working with some of the most confidential and secret documents in the UK can be trusted and pose no unnecessary threat. Why do we need National Security Vetting and what does it entail exactly? Read more...

Who Can Apply for DV Clearance?

29 Mar 2017
DV Clearance is a crucial part of the recruitment process for many individuals working within organisations handling top secret and sensitive government information and assets. However, due to the rigorous nature of this form of clearance, who is eligible to apply? Read more...

How Long Does DV Clearance Take?

25 Jan 2017
You’re going through DV Clearance or you’re likely to in the near future? (Or perhaps you’re just curious!)… So how long does the complete DV Clearance process take? Read more...

Informative Interview Guide for your DV Referee

3 Jan 2017
In order to attain DV Clearance, those being vetted must be backed up by a personal character reference who will be required to undergo an interview with a Vetting Officer. Here are a few snippets of information which may prove useful and ease your nerves if you’re a DV Referee set to undergo an interview. Read more...

DV Clearance Interview: What to Expect

24 Nov 2016
For many individuals going through the DV clearance process, the interview stage can often be the most daunting and intimidating part. The thought of an interview which seeks to unearth all aspects of your life can be worrisome, however understanding the nature of the interview before stepping into it, should hopefully ease your nerves by some degree. Read more...

DV Clearance and the Cyber Security Shortage

26 Sep 2016
DV Clearance and Bridging the Cyber Security Skills Gap Read more...

Keeping the UK Safe and Secure: Opportunities in Programming within the Defence Sector

1 Oct 2015
Programming. Recently dubbed the “ core skill of the 21st century ” – and who can dispute it? Wherever you look industries are crying out for individuals who possess programming knowledge, particularly those who are proficient with the more recent Microsoft stack functions such as Azure and MVC. Read more...

Inside Job: Social Engineering and Corporate Cyber Security

30 Jun 2015
Even the least technically minded among us are, by now, well aware of the necessity for Cyber Security. Read more...

Big Data Analytics and Pre-Crime: Minority Report Come to Life

12 Jun 2015
Pre-Crime in present day. The Tom Cruise film ‘Minority Report’ comes to life as Big Data Analytics launches the UK into the future… Read more...

Cyber Security: The Next Generation

14 May 2015
“Cyberspace is woven into the fabric of our society, it is integral to our economy, our communities and our security.” Rt. Hon. Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones Read more...

It's All Fun and War Games

16 Jan 2015
2014 saw the biggest wave of Cyber-attacks and hacking in modern history, with a seemingly never-ending slew of privacy breaches and information theft. Read more...

Cheltenham 2015 - All Change

4 Dec 2014
This week we’re catching up with one of our specialist consultants: Alex Rosengren. Alex is involved with recruiting for numerous DV Cleared opportunities in Cheltenham, and was kind enough to provide a brief history of the current tenders and their progression as they come to a head at the start of 2015. This is what he reported: Read more...

DV Cleared Demand

31 Oct 2014
As this busy year slowly begins to draw to a close, the shadow of 2015 is looming – bringing with it a surge of demand for security cleared roles. It might seem dramatic, but looking into the void of permanent vacancies anticipated next year, the urgency is all too real. Read more...

DV Clearance - Use it or lose it!

9 Apr 2014
For obvious reasons, the rules around holding and maintaining a Developed Vetting (DV) can certainly be considered a grey area. An area in which many potential candidates and contractors fear to tread until it’s too late! Read more...

What is DV Clearance?

12 Mar 2014
DV Clearance , Developed Vetting, is the most extensive form of UK security vetting and is very thorough, including checks of your identity documents and employment and education references. DV Clearance is only needed for the most sensitive cases, including long-term access to top-secret material.  Read more...

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